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2 in to 4-3/8 in Oil Filter Pliers

2 in to 4-3/8 in Oil Filter Pliers


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Discover the convenience of our oil filter slip-joint pliers tailored to fit your needs perfectly. With a capacity spanning from 2 inches to 4.375 inches (50 mm to 110 mm) in diameter these oil filter pliers will accommodate most oil filters you encounter. Featuring a 3-position slip-joint handle they grant you an extended range. It will become virtually effortless to grip slippery filters for quick removal. The comfort-grip handle enhances your comfort during operation even in tight spaces with limited access. Whether you are contending with stubborn stuck-on filters in hard-to-reach areas or simply need a reliable tool for routine maintenance our oil filter pliers are a must-have addition to your automotive toolkit. Streamline your maintenance tasks and ensure smooth oil filter removal with these durable and efficient oil filter wrench pliers.



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