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Lucas Red 'n Tacky 5th Wheel Grease - 2.5OZ

Lucas Red 'n Tacky 5th Wheel Grease - 2.5OZ


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Lucas Red 'n Tacky 5th Wheel Grease - 2.5OZ is a high-quality, heavy-duty grease formulated with premium base oils and additives to provide excellent protection and lubrication to your 5th wheel equipment. Its extreme pressure properties make it ideal for use in heavily loaded and high-temperature applications. This grease is also water-resistant and will not wash out, making it perfect for use in wet or humid environments. The 2.5oz size is convenient for on-the-go use or for small jobs that require precise application. Trust LUCAS RED N TACKY 5TH WHEEL GREASE 2.5OZ for superior performance and protection of your 5th wheel equipment.



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